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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 294

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I have been searching for an npr story for hours..

No computer, just my smartphone, and no luck.
Here's the deal :
Today's "morning edition" gave a 'teaser'/blurb, advertising a report coming up in"the next hour"..
My memory -not so great some times- they said 1,000's of missing Black and Latina Girls & Women. ..I hate to post with out FACTS.. but I was shocked/devastated, stopped in my tracks, to grieve & pray for this situation. ..I THINK I heard npr say 6,000 this year ! across US/ various cities.
I had to catch my bus, to my new crappy job full of trumpers, but this lay heavy on my Heart all day.
Finally got Home, & this story about 500 DC Women & Girls. That is horrific enough. But I know it's worse. The fact I can't find the npr story is making me feel crazy. I'll take crazy if it means there are NOT 1,000's of missing Women & Girls.
Any help finding the npr report would be sadly appreciated.
And Prayers, Thoughts for the Missing& their loved ones please, & support for elected representatives, & LEO, involved in resolving this.

I need some HELP.

I can't find the Lil blue WooHoo smiley.
Where'd it go???
I need it, bad!
I mean BAD.

I am lovin the hearing today!

ps.thanks for guidance on this issue.

Anybody here celebrate Vernal Equinox?

For most of my adult life, I spent Spring & Fall Equinox , in fasting & meditation for 3 days. It was cleansing & grounding & profound.
Had some serious Visions & inSights. Took a lot of preparation, MindFULL ness. Not to be taken lightly.
I feel a great NEED to begin this practice again. I have to 'bulk up' 1ST, get some weight on. Maybe I can get mySelf ready by Solstice.
I will be on the Beach in the Morning, & will send Prayers & Blessings on the Waves.

Spring Blessings, Ever'body! Rejoice!

Hosting a DU dinner party..!

..who would You invite? How's come?
& what's on the menu?

Shenmue, cuz I love her smiles & love for critters

Malaise, the DU weather-goddess of funky posts

Pinboy3niner, we all need puns from a sweeetie

California Peggy, because she enCourages ever'one, and she's California Peggy

DFW, World Traveler, DU's James Bond & can tell personal OBAMA anecdotes (among others!)

TatorGuy, cuz he keeps things.. interestin

Skittles, cuz ever' dinner party needs ass kickin'

NightWatcher, has great stories & a..*unique*..

Menu? Pot luck. I'll have plenty o' hot sauce.
& I bake some serious PIES.
BYO whatevers.
And please forgive me if You aren't in on this 1st dinner..I'm new at this, it may be a mess.

Oops, I went off on a tear. .

Meant to say, there are endless 'recent events', just about every day the less than 2 months( ! ) have proven how ugly, heart-less, STUPID, their 'policies' are. I get overwhelmed. & deal with obnoxious, despicable, In-my-face trumpers, every day. Yesterday was rough. Today only sucked.


Just yesterday,I had to bite my tongue, when my 'boss', & a visitor got into this big obnoxious repubiker BS discussion...
**matter o' fact, I NEED to journal about the workplace-bullcrap I'm dealing with!
Anyways.. boss a Nam Vet TRUMP Freak,
Visitor Active duty, Navy, I give him a discount, mention I'm the mom of a Veteran, he asked what branch..
& insults my Son for HIS Service. Wth.
Then trumper-boss & visitor get into convo about how much better it's gonna be now, cuz military gets what they deserve when Republikers in office, better pay, etc!!!
'Bout lost my damn Mind.
I SO wanted to remind these 2 that Congress has the power of the purse, we had a republiker Congress 7+ years..! Not to mention, the immoral wars repubikers get us into..
And these 2 did this weird pumping each other up on their screwed up opinions & ignorance & hate-FULL ness. Freaked me the hell out.
I am new on this j-o-b.
I am already looking for a new one.
I won't sit still for this nonsense for long.
I get fired up. . a handy-dandy 'list' would be helpful, but Imma gonna kick some ass at the new j-o-b. I have NEVER had a service member disparage the SERVICE of a Veteran, to his Mama's face.
Broke my Heart, pissed me off. It's ON.

Hey, Ever'body!

I'm a bit shy talking 'bout mySelf, I've been a DU member since the *years..had to come back with a new username..that's ok, tho', Life has changed & so have I!
Where to start? When I 1st signed up, my only 'child' had enlisted. I thought I'd lose my damn Mind..he was deployed to Iraq, & I didn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, for about 5 yrs. NO one I 'knew' could relate, or wanted to discuss, the post-911-*-war. I was truly in hell. I developed major depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia..
I spent days & nights, watching C-span, emailing & calling dc, PRAYING, & I found DU.
I found Military Families Speak Out, and Veterans for PEACE. Thanks God. I was online when other Mamas were terrified & unable to sleep. We supported, comforted, enCouraged each other. And I never let on to my Son, HE needed to stay focused on his job.
A life-changer.. I found my way to Camp Casey, after being house-bound for years, I camped 2 wkends in 3 weeks, with Gold Star Families, MFSO, Vets for PEACE, young Vets. My God. The Healing that took place.
We were camping when Katrina hit. Healing came to a stop when watching the aftermath, screaming at the tv, "GET THOSE PEOPLE OUT OF THERE!" disbelief that in a great American city, death & destruction was rolling, corruption & incompetence in full display, and our Sons & Daughters were in Iraq, even those near the devastation, were prevented from coming to the rescue.
GeeWhizzz..didn't mean to go off on a tear..more to tell, another time.

I am one of the lucky and Blessed..mine came HOME, whole, healthy and strong. Thanks God! 💖
I just need Y'all to know, DU helped me back then, & in the years since, even when all I could do is read DU.. I'm thank FULL for the learning, laughter & Light here. Thanks, Y'all!

Thank you, Calimary!

Great link, post. I am actually a member since early days, with a new username, but I have admired Your posts thru the years! Truly appreciate Your kind 'welcome', tho!
& sorry I didn't reply sooner, rough few days in rl!😒
Ps also really enjoyed another recent post of Yours, about Your activism & political experiences. Can't locate it now, but it made me go "WooHOO!" &

Live streaming video tomorrow :)

Our library is hosting a meet up & viewing, so many signed up, may have to move to larger space! YAY!
check out People Power site for your local events.

Ps. Thank you for this post!


We need this!💖
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