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Colbert: The Only Bathroom Privilege Trump Wants Is Toilet Tweeting

Why Yes, Someone Remixed Alex Jones' Gay Frogs Rant

Colbert: 'Real News Tonight': A Reliable Source For News Trump Will Like

Actual Panel At CPAC: If Heaven Has a Gate, A Wall, and Extreme Vetting, Why Cant America?

The Conservative Political Action Conference is being ridiculed online for promoting a Saturday panel where the weighty topic of “Why Heaven can have a wall” to keep out undesirables and the U.S. can’t.

CPAC, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday, has already had a bad week after having to dump star attraction Milo Yiannopoulos as a keynote speaker after it was revealed that he appeared to condone and excuse child sex abuse. After a messy start to the week , the directors of the annual conservative meeting in D.C. had hoped to move forward with serious discussions about public policy.

That wasn’t to be the case after a schedule of panels was released showing a seminar combining President Donald Trump’s plans to build a border wall with Christian theology, reports the Christian Post.

According to the CPAC schedule, GOP Congressman Bob Beauprez will moderate the Saturday panel, entitled: “If Heaven Has a Gate, A Wall, and Extreme Vetting, Why Can’t America?”


That doesn't sound like heaven. That sounds more like hell. Conservatives, keep doing what you're doing.

WTF Boston: Glasses May Get Banned At Bars Due To Outbreaks Of Glass Being Used As Weapon

Your days of sipping adult beverages from a Solo cup could be making a comeback, specifically at some of Boston’s high-end bars.

Following a string of local bar assaults involving glassware, the city’s Liquor Licensing Board is moving to crack down on establishments where patrons have suffered injuries related to glasses holding drinks. Watering holes with repeat offenses could have to use plastic barware in lieu of the real deal — no matter how upscale the joint.

“If we see a pattern of glass as a weapon it will no longer be allowed,” Christine Puglini, the board’s chairwoman, said at a hearing yesterday, addressing representatives of Minibar, a Copley Square Hotel bar. “You may be high-end, but you’re not acting high-end.”

Two posh hotel bars, Minibar and Bond Lounge at the Langham, were brought before the board yesterday for recent assaults involving glasses. According to police reports, a Bond Lounge patron smashed a beer bottle over the head of another customer on New Year’s Day. Several days earlier at Minibar, police said, a patron punched and threw a glass at another man who groped his fiancee.

Attorney Karen Simao, representing Minibar, told the board the glass was thrown in the commotion of the fight and was not a premeditated assault. But Puglini, unmoved by that argument, said the board was mulling harsh measures, including outright barring establishments with repeat offenses from serving drinks in glasses.

Spotify Australia Claims This Song Is The Number One Sex Song

What are the best songs to make love to? Anything from Barry White works (if you can hold in the laughter). Marvin Gaye is a classic, and those who are more attuned to today’s music can get down to the Weeknd. Some people even dig Olivia Newton-John. But if you’re a Star Wars fan—and if you happen to be Australian— there’s only one band that’s going to put you in the mood.

And it’s the Star Wars Cantina band.

That, anyway, is the word from Spotify, which reported that Australians love banging to Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, and Kings of Leon. But also these dudes.


CPAC organizer denounces alt-right as left-wing fascist group

One of the first speeches at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference challenged the media to stop referring to the “alt-right,” a small, far-right movement that seeks a whites-only state and that strongly backed Donald Trump for president, as conservative.

“There is a sinister organization that is trying to warp its way into our ranks,” said Dan Schneider, the executive director of the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC. “We must not be deceived by hateful, left-wing fascist group.”

Over a few confusing minutes, Schneider argued that the “alt-right,” a term coined then popularized by the National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer, was philosophically left-wing because it departed from his definition of conservatism, in which “the individual” is sovereign.

“They hate the Constitution. They hate free markets. They hate pluralism,” Schneider said. “Fascists tend to want big government control.”


Oh, do not go there, you fucking assholes. They are *YOUR* problem, not ours. *YOURS*. Get that right. See? They're so batshit crazy that they're blaming us for their problem, like they always do. Argh!!!!

So who is more likely to be arrested for bathroom crimes again?


This sums it up!

This is not Trumps America!: Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

“Goooodbyeee raaacists!”
That was the blunt — and unquestionably sarcastic — message one heated passenger delivered to a man and a woman as they were being kicked off a United Airlines flight Saturday evening for causing a disturbance that was blamed on racist comments.
The confrontation on Flight 1113 from Chicago to Houston began several minutes earlier, when a Pakistani man and woman wearing traditional clothing were boarding the plane, according to VHF affiliate KHOU.
As the couple placed their bags in an overheard bin, a male passenger — who was not identified by the airline — asked the couple if they had a bomb in their luggage, another passenger sitting nearby told KHOU.
“That’s not a bomb in your bag, is it?” the man said, according to the passenger who was not identified by KHOU. The passenger added that the couple did not immediately hear the comment, which prompted the man to repeat his remark.

“Happy flight home,” he added seconds later while his female companion holds her middle finger up to the person filming. “I hope you stay there.”
“Get out of here,” a woman responded. “Racists aren’t welcome in America! This is not Trump’s America!”
“Goooodbyeee raaacists!” the woman added.
“Hey, I’ll come back, but you’ll be gone,” the man said as he walked away.
Jonathan Guerin, a United Airlines spokesman, told The Washington Post the man and woman understood why they were asked to leave the plane and calm down. They were placed on a later flight bound for Houston, but Guerin said he didn’t know if the Texas city was their final destination.


Good for the passengers, these people were horrible!

Lol! #TinyTrump is trending on Twitter!

Here's a few good ones:






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