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US marine charged with murder of Philippine transgender woman
Monday - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Hong Kong Police Dismantle Last Democracy Protest Camp
Monday - VOA News

Cleveland police union president: ...Justice for Tamir Rice shirt 'disrespectful'
Monday - Plain Dealer

5 people flee Sydney hostage-crisis building
Monday - AP-Excite

San Jose officer draws social media backlash for posts against protests
Sunday - San Jose Mercury News

E. coli-tainted beef recalled days after meat tested positive
Sunday - CBC News

Amber Alert issued for boy, 4, after his mom found dead in Texas
Sunday - Faux News

PetSmart buyout to fetch $8.2 billion
Sunday - USA Today

Obamas get into holiday spirit at benefit concert
Sunday - AP-Excite

Russia Denies Its Military Aircraft Nearly Collided With Passenger Jet Over Sweden
Sunday - Associated Press

Senate cancels vote on Obama Social Security pick
Sunday - AP

Sony Pictures Demands That News Agencies Delete 'Stolen' Data
Sunday - New York Times

Denmark says Greenland subsea ridge gives it a claim to North Pole
Sunday - Associated Press

Sydney siege: Hostages held at Martin Place cafe
Sunday - ABC

St. Louis officer to be disciplined over Wilson name tag
Sunday - Associated Press

Britain to seek access to CIA torture report
Sunday - Associated Press

Mormons say race remains taboo topic in church
Sunday - Associated Press

Texas weighs allowing open carry of handguns
Sunday - Associated Press

Mercury Marine and union extend contract
Sunday - Fox 11

UK torture inquiry could summon Blair and Straw
Sunday - The Guardian

Koch brother: I’m a social liberal
Sunday - MSNBC

Congo-Kinshasa: Death Toll in Congo's Lake Tanganyika Shipwreck Climbs to More Than 100
Sunday - Deutsche Welle

Mary Landrieu casts one of her final Senate votes: Yes on $1.1 trillion spending bill
Sunday - NOLA

Egypt stock market loses $3B amid oil plunge
Sunday - Omaha World Herald-AP

Bill Cosby Says He Expects 'Black Media' To Remain 'Neutral' Over Sexual Assault Allegations
Sunday - Huffington Post

Dick Cheney Would Torture Again
Sunday - Huffington Post

Texan says he entered N. Korea illegally, slams U.S.
Sunday - USA Today

Lima climate change talks reach global warming agreement
Sunday - Guardian

Turkish police raid media offices of Erdogan rival
Sunday - AFP

China nursery school collapse kills three children
Sunday - BBC

Nicaragua to ban 2 U.S. lawmakers over sanctions on Venezuela
Sunday - Miami Herald

Union eatery workers end strike at SF airport
Sunday - SF GATE

Bird Strike Leaves Hole In Wing Of Southwest Airline Plane, ‘Flames Shooting From Engine’
Dec 13 - Inquisitir

Even Before Long Winter Begins, Energy Bills Send Shivers in New England
Dec 13 - New York Times

Prosecutor releases more Ferguson documents
Dec 13 - AP-Excite

'Stupid' US sanctions won't undo my government: Maduro
Dec 13 - AFP

Obama signs second stopgap spending bill
Dec 13 - AP-Excite

Hundreds at funeral for woman burned alive
Dec 13 - AP-Excite

Unions, employees rally in support of union for Willy Street Co-op
Dec 13 - Capital Times

Sweden: Another near-miss in Baltic skies
Dec 13 - AP

MSU students turn backs on George Will at commencement
Dec 13 - Lansing State Journal

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe counts on landslide victory in election
Dec 13 - Deutsche Welle

Legendary Anchorman Bill Bonds Has Died
Dec 13 - Deadline Detroit

Effigies of black men found hanging by nooses at UC Berkeley campus
Dec 13 - Associated Press

Come clean on British links to torture, MPs tell US Senate
Dec 13 - The Guardian

Sierra Leone bans Christmas and New Year gatherings over Ebola risk
Dec 13 - Guardian

Senators avert government shutdown, pass temporary spending measure
Dec 13 - Washington Post

Sudan President Bashir hails 'victory' over ICC (International Criminal Court) charges
Dec 13 - BBC

Spy messages could finally solve mystery of UN chief’s death crash
Dec 13 - The Guardian

Top IS (ISIS) Twitter propagandist arrested after investigation
Dec 13 - Channel 4 News UK

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