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Richard Spencer's white nationalist group loses tax exempt status as the IRS investigates Trump ties
Mar 14 - Raw Story

Cystic fibrosis patients living 10 years longer in Canada than U.S.
Mar 14 - CBC News

"I wont defend Trump not now, not in the future": Paul Ryan caught on tape trashing Trump before el
Mar 14 - RawStory

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand vows to fight legislation that would ease restrictions on gun silencers
Mar 14 - NY Daily News

Elizabeth Warren slams Republican health plan after CBO report
Mar 14 - Boston Globe

White-supremacist signs posted at George Washington University
Mar 13 - Washington Post

White House analysis of Obamacare repeal sees even deeper insurance losses than CBO
Mar 13 - Politico

Trump gives CIA power to launch drone strikes: report
Mar 13 - The Hill

Exclusive - Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role: sources
Mar 13 - Reuters UK

Senate confirms Seema Verma to head Medicare and Medicaid
Mar 13 - USA Today

Arkansas official: State has drugs to conduct 8 executions
Mar 13 - Associated Press

llinois congressman holds Chicago immigration office sit-in
Mar 13 - Associated Press

Florida Gov. Scott signs death penalty fix into law
Mar 13 - Associated Press

FDA OKs new Novartis drug for type of advanced breast cancer
Mar 13 - AP

UN chief warns women globally are suffering 'new assaults'
Mar 13 - AP

Justice Department asks for more time after Trump fails to provide wiretap evidence
Mar 13 - Reuters

American Medical Association: Drop In Coverage Under GOP Bill 'Unacceptable'
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

HHS head Tom Price calls scathing CBO health care report not believable while admitting...
Mar 13 - RawStory

Ryan: I 'Recognize And Appreciate Concerns' Of Millions Losing Coverage
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Dem. Ranking Members: CBO Shows GOP Plan Is 'A Major Step Backwards'
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Polish prosecutors seek the arrest of a 98-year-old Minnesota man suspected of Nazi war crimes.
Mar 13 - Associated Press Twitter feed

24 Million People Stand To Lose Insurance Under GOP Obamacare Replacement
Mar 13 - Huffington Post

Republican Obamacare repeal benefits wealthiest: study
Mar 13 - Reuters

Mar 13 - Congressional Budget Office

St. Louis Prosecutor Slams 'Pathetic Video' Showing New Michael Brown Surveillance Footage
Mar 13 - Mediaite

More people fill out NCAA brackets than actually vote
Mar 13 - Fox Sports

Court: Discrimination against gay workers not prohibited
Mar 13 - Associated Press

Spicer: Trump didn't mean wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping
Mar 13 - CNN

Spicer: We Still Think Unemployment Percentage Can Be 'Manipulated'
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Democrats Will Reintroduce A Major LGBT Bill As A Wedge Issue In Congress
Mar 13 - BuzzFeed

Theresa May set to wait until last week of March to start Brexit
Mar 13 - The Guardian

Trump Wants Press Corps To Decide Who Will Receive His Donated Salary
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Questions Agencys Health-Plan Cost Analysis Prior to Release
Mar 13 - WSJ

Ryan Spox: He 'Clearly Disagrees' With Steve King's 'Babies' Tweet
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Ex-Penn State officials plead guilty in Sandusky abuse case: reports
Mar 13 - Reuters

Trump Compares Obamacare To Obama: 'When He Left, People Liked Him'
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Senator Criticizes Health Care Repeal Bill After Tough Town Hall
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Dems back body cameras for ICE agents
Mar 13 - The Hill

U.S. Northeast Braces For Late Winter Blizzard
Mar 13 - HuffPo

Meteorologists refute EPA head on climate change
Mar 13 - The Hill

Hungary's president re-elected for 5-year term
Mar 13 - Associated Press

Dem rep. calls on Trump to stop deporting veterans: 'About 1,400' have already been removed from US
Mar 13 - RawStory

Fired U.S. Attorney Was Probing if Fox News Illegally Obtained Journalists Phone Records, Report...
Mar 13 - LawNewz

Report: No Evidence Trump Followed Through on Promise to Decline All But $1 of Presidential Salary
Mar 13 - LawNewz

Steve King Won't Back Down From His Tweet About 'Somebody Else's Babies'
Mar 13 - Talking Points Memo

Obama lawyers move fast to join fight against Trump
Mar 13 - Reuters

Exclusive: BlackRock vows new pressure on climate, board diversity
Mar 13 - Reuters

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway mocked for spy 'microwaves' claims
Mar 13 - cnbc.com

Scotland's leader seeks new independence referendum
Mar 13 - Associated Press

Conway suggests even wider surveillance of Trump campaign
Mar 13 - MSN/USA Today

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