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Malcolm Turnbull welcomes Trump plans for military buildup in Asia-Pacific
Nov 16 - Guardian

Rand Paul: I oppose both Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton for secretary of state
Nov 16 - Guardian

Ford will shift production of small cars to Mexico from Michigan despite Trump threat
Nov 16 - International Business Times

Bernie Sanders: Trump already breaking campaign promise to drain the swamp
Nov 15 - Washington Post

Immigration hardliner says Trump team preparing plans for wall, mulling Muslim registry
Nov 15 - Reuters

ICC prosecutors: US forces may have committed war crimes
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Never mind closing Guantanamo, Trump might make it bigger
Nov 15 - Associated Press

John McCain Slams Idea Of A Russian Reset Under Donald Trump
Nov 15 - Huffington Post

Lindsey Graham Vows To Oppose Any Effort To Blow Up The Filibuster
Nov 15 - HuffingtonPost

Wary of Trump immigration threat, NY may erase ID card data
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Sikh truckers reach settlement in faith discrimination case
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Firings and Discord Put Trump Transition Team in a State of Disarray
Nov 15 - The New York Times

Trump faces growing tension with key Republicans over national security issues
Nov 15 - Washington Post

Years-long rehab of towering U.S. Capitol dome completed
Nov 15 - Reuters

Ex-Naval attache admits securing clearances for bribes
Nov 15 - Associated Press

De Blasio: Keep protesting, Trump has no mandate
Nov 15 - The Hill

Donald Trumps Name Will Be Erased from 3 New York Buildings to Appeal to Renters
Nov 15 - Time

The Latest: ND gov. criticizes delay in oil pipeline
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Connecticut approves aid package for 2nd hedge fund
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Republican governors delight in dominance under Donald Trump
Nov 15 - Tampa Bay Times

Judge rules against polygamous sect in food-stamp fraud case
Nov 15 - Associated Press

Washington man charged with cyberstalking after texting racist death threats to House candidate
Nov 15 - Raw Story

Donald Trump Cabinet contenders, candidates for more top leadership posts
Nov 15 - NewsDay

Protests and student walkouts mark the week after Trump's win
Nov 15 - CNN

Clay mayor resigns after commenting on racist Facebook post
Nov 15 - Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette Mail

LAPD Takes A Stand Against Trump Immigration Enforcement
Nov 15 - HuffPo

Trump Senior White House Adviser Steve Bannon Reported To The FBI For Potential Felony
Nov 15 - Politicus USA

Donald Trumps Complex Businesses Bring Potential Conflicts of Interest
Nov 15 - Wall Street Journal

Air Strikes Pummel Aleppo After A Weeks-Long Pause
Nov 15 - Huffington Post

Intelligence Expert Mike Rogers Leaves Trump Transition Team Amid Shake-up
Nov 15 - Wall Street Journal

The Latest: 5 Utah students hurt in high school stabbing
Nov 15 - Fox News

Trump: I could have won popular vote if I needed to
Nov 15 - BBC

Debt, not Trump, is focus of Obama's talks in Greece
Nov 15 - USA Today

Obama says he's not responsible for Trump's rise to power
Nov 15 - USA Today

Ben Carson declines role in Trump administration because he 'feels he has no government experience'
Nov 15 - Business Insider

Is bombing the s*** out of ISIS a strategy?
Nov 15 - CNN

Why Putin Sacrificed His Economy Minister
Nov 15 - Bloomberg

Downing Street dismisses Brexit 'divisions' memo
Nov 15 - BBC

Trump huddling with Pence as he nears Cabinet decisions
Nov 15 - Washington Post

Secretary of State Giuliani? He's the Leading Choice, Trump Aides Say
Nov 15 - New York Times

Official in West Virginia on leave after racist post about Michelle Obama
Nov 15 - Los Angeles Times

Renegade Facebook employees form task force to battle fake news
Nov 15 - CNBC

Obamas government just released a new oil and gas rule and Trump's may not like it much
Nov 15 - Washington Post

Google plans to open a new British HQ and create 3,000 more jobs
Nov 15 - Business Insider

Twitter introduces a mute button for trolls as it struggles to fight online abuse
Nov 15 - Washington Post

Adapting to climate change, as well as limiting it, is critical for developing countries
Nov 15 - Huffington Post

Nevada judge rejects Trump request for order over early voting
Nov 8 - Rueters

REPORT: Over Half of Voter Intimidation Complaints Today Are Coming From Pennsylvania
Nov 8 - Mediaite

Incredulous Nevada judge slaps down Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ suit: ‘What are you asking for?’
Nov 8 - RawStory

Nevada Judge Becomes Hero for Telling Trump Lawyer to “Sit Down” Over Absurd Voter Lawsuit
Nov 8 - Vanity Fair

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