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Ted Cruz to announce 2016 presidential bid on Monday
Mar 22 - CNN.com

Taiz, Yemen's 3rd largest city, seized by Shia rebels: officials
Mar 22 - CBC/AP

Bloomsburg baseball player dismissed for Mo'Ne Davis tweet
Mar 21 - AP

Griesa authorizes Citi to process payments of Argentine bonds
Mar 21 - Buenos Aires Herald

US, Iran cite progress in nuke talks, though deal is unclear
Mar 21 - Associated Press

Antibiotic Use In Meat Is Soaring
Mar 21 - The Huffintonpost

Train cars hauling methanol derail in central Texas
Mar 21 - AP

Sarah Palin joins NRA convention lineup
Mar 21 - Tennesseean

Slain Civil Rights Activist To Receive Posthumous Degree
Mar 21 - AP

U.N. Women’s Group Dumps Uber Deal After Union Complaints
Mar 21 - Recode

Obama Blasts Netanyahu For Abandoning Two-State Solution, Making Anti-Arab Remarks
Mar 21 - Think Progress/Huffington Post

Islamic State calls on backers to kill 100 U.S. military personnel
Mar 21 - Reuters

Cruz Plans ‘Important’ Speech
Mar 21 - Political Wire

Obama cheers niece on at NCAA women's basketball game
Mar 21 - AP

Strykers Begin 'Road March' Across Eastern Europe
Mar 21 - Army Times

US Special Forces Evacuated From Yemen As Security Situation Deteriorates
Mar 21 - Telegraph UK

Report: Letter Sent To White House Contained Spit, Not Cyanide
Mar 21 - TPM/ABC News

Obama Blames Lynch Obstruction On GOP 'Stubbornness,' Not Racism
Mar 21 - TPM

Russia calls for UN vote to block benefits for gay staff
Mar 21 - Pink News

India arrests hundreds over Bihar school cheating
Mar 21 - BBC

Pope in Naples: Resist local Mafiosi, seek honest jobs
Mar 21 - AP

US veterans return to Iwo Jima for 70th anniversary
Mar 21 - AP-Excite

Off-duty officer posted booze photo before fatal accident
Mar 21 - AP-Excite

Judge wants Arpaio to pay out of own pocket
Mar 21 - Arizona Republic

Fire kills 7 children at home in New York
Mar 21 - CNN.com

Globe U accused of making illegal student loans with 'usurious interest rates'
Mar 21 - Strib

Weekly Address: It's Time to Confirm Loretta Lynch
Mar 21 - White House

Kurdish rebel leader urges end to armed struggle in Turkey
Mar 21 - AFP

Karma? Cop Who Bragged About 'Legally' Stealing People's Property Arrested for Assault With a Deadly
Mar 21 - alternet

US agency: Keep threatened status for green sea turtles
Mar 20 - AP

Alabama judge says state will halt executions until after Supreme Court rules
Mar 20 - Washington Post

Judge rules Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional
Mar 20 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Illinois AG Says GOP Governor's Anti-Union Proposals Illegal
Mar 20 - Associated Press

New Orleans airport shooting: Man with machete shot when he attacked TSA officer, sheriff says
Mar 20 - New Orleans Times-Picayune

Government Ordered to Release 2,100 Pictures of Detainee Abuse
Mar 20 - Newsweek

Meeks pulls about-face, backs Emanuel
Mar 20 - Chicago Tribune

Mexico City buildings shaken by 5.3-magnitude earthquake
Mar 20 - AP

Hugo Boss selling suit factory to W Diamond pleases both companies, union (photos)
Mar 20 - Cleveland.com

Mexico's High Court Overturns Conviction Of Man Jailed For 23 Years
Mar 20 - NPR

Union-backed taxi service starts in Newark, amid regulatory debate about Uber
Mar 20 - NJ.com

House GOP to Hillary Clinton: Turn over the server
Mar 20 - msnbc.com

Religious broadcaster warns Christians to ‘prepare for martyrdom’ if Supreme Court legalizes gay mar
Mar 20 - Raw Story

Frat Suspended Over Notebook With Disturbing Entries On Rape, Lynching
Mar 20 - TPM

Popular weed killer deemed probable carcinogen by UN (glyphosate)
Mar 20 - AP

IRS gives break to Obamacare filers who got wrong info
Mar 20 - CNBC

2 Navajo Officers Injured in Shootout That Killed Colleague
Mar 20 - ABC News

DOJ steps in to defend Clinton against email subpoena
Mar 20 - the hill

AIPAC urges Obama to strengthen ties with Netanyahu
Mar 20 - ToI

Autopsy suggests suicide in hanging of black man in Mississippi
Mar 20 - LA Times

Hillary Clinton Retains Strong Appeal to American Women
Mar 20 - Gallup

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