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George Zimmerman Supporter Changes Mind, ‘Trayvon Targeted For Race’

German labor chief: VW must halt anti-union group
Nov 14 - AP-seattlepi

Elizabeth Warren to oppose (Obama Pick) Antonio Weiss as Treasury undersecretary
Nov 14 - Politico

Russian Tanks in Ukraine, but US Won’t Say ‘Invasion’
Nov 14 - ABC

Judge reconsidering priest's release in sex case
Nov 14 - Associated Press

Lawmakers are starting to talk about making New Mexico a right-to-work state
Nov 14 - Washington Post

U.S. court rejects religious objection to Obamacare contraception deal
Nov 14 - REUTERS

Scott Walker: Denying Health Care To Low-Income People Helps Them ‘Live The American Dream’

Putin Lashes Out At West Ahead Of G20 Summit
Nov 14 - RFE/RL

WVU student involved in ‘catastrophic’ emergency dies
Nov 14 - West Virginia Gazette

Journalist investigating child prostitution attacked in Colombia
Nov 14 - Reporters Without Borders

Mexico mayor arrested in students' disappearance charged with homicide
Nov 14 - UPI

Boko Haram militants 'seize Nigerian town of Chibok'
Nov 14 - BBC

House authorizes building of Keystone pipeline
Nov 14 - Washington Post

Russian Troops Hold Drills in Serbia
Nov 14 - ABC News

Russia Stations Warships Off Australian Coast Ahead Of G-20 Summit
Nov 14 - HuffPo

John Kerry’s brand of Boston diplomacy pays off
Nov 14 - Boston Globe

Obama Rejects Argument Keystone Will Add Jobs, Cut Fuel Cost
Nov 14 - Business Week

Oklahoma public school under fire for field trip to out-of-state creationist zoo
Nov 14 - Raw Story

Germany faces a wave of racist rhetoric
Nov 14 - Aljazeera

Iraqi forces drive IS from refinery town of Beiji
Nov 14 - ABC News

Pablo Escobar's most feared assassin says British businessman imprisoned for 1986 Miami double murde
Nov 14 - Daily Mail

Elizabeth Warren gets rock-star reception at liberal donors confab
Nov 14 - Republitico

G20: Obama to pledge $2.5bn to help poor countries on climate change
Nov 14 - The Guardian

Schatz(and 6 other Senators) to take part in Guantanamo 'fact-finding' trip
Nov 14 - Star Advertiser

David Cameron compares Russia to Nazi Germany on eve of Putin meeting
Nov 14 - The Telegraph (London)

Nebraska hospital prepares for new Ebola patient
Nov 14 - CNN

North Korea's Kim Jong-un to send special envoy to Russia
Nov 14 - BBC

Nov 14 - ABC7 Los Angeles

Nov 13 - KTIC Radio .com (ABC)

U.S. Marshals Service Reportedly Gathering Phone Data Through Airborne Surveillance
Nov 13 - Washington Post

McCaskill won't support Reid as minority leader
Nov 13 - KMBC

Tester named chair of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Nov 13 - KXLF

AP: Taj Mahal closes Dec. 12 if union keeps appeal
Nov 13 - AP-Excite

Army vet has government letter declaring him dead
Nov 13 - AP-Excite

Series of Secret Service Blunders Eased Way for White House Intruder
Nov 13 - New York Times

School Under Fire for Offer: $100 Buys You Free Pass from Homework
Nov 13 - Mediaite

Obama team hints at Keystone veto
Nov 13 - USA Today

Arkansas governor to pardon son on drug charges
Nov 13 - CNN

NFL Union Wants Change on Personal Conduct Policy
Nov 13 - AP-ABC News

"Killer robots" need to be strictly monitored nations warn at UN meeting
Nov 13 - The Guardian

US stocks close higher as Dow Jones hits record
Nov 13 - AP-Excite

Longtime Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship indicted
Nov 13 - Charleston Gazette

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey News Release, September 2014
Nov 13 - U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

Morgan Stanley pushed murky China stock to market
Nov 13 - AP-EXCITE

FIFA Report Clearing Qatar and Russia World Cup Bids Is Slammed by Chief Investigator
Nov 13 - Newsweek

Traders Are 'Scared As Hell' Of What's Happening In Venezuela
Nov 13 - Business Insider

Dempsey: US Considering Sending Combat Troops To Help Iraqis Fight Islamic State
Nov 13 - Stars & Stripes

Senate Democrats Stick With Reid as Their Leader
Nov 13 - ABC

KKK Group Threatens Lethal Force Against ‘Terrorists’ in Ferguson
Nov 13 - Mediaite.com

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