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Trump agrees to 25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases
Nov 18 - The Washington Post

21 Colombia soldiers convicted of executing civilians in iconic false positives case
Nov 18 - Colombia Reports

Trump supporters launch #TrumpCup as a protest against Starbucks
Nov 18 - CNN

BREAKING: The Obama Administration Blocks Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean and Off the Atlantic Coas
Nov 18 - thinkprogress.org

Naked Cowboy Walks Into Trump Tower, Flashes Underwear Reading TRUMP
Nov 18 - mediaite.com

China's Shenzhou 11 Crew Lands on Earth After Month-Long Space Lab Mission
Nov 18 - Space.com

Darkness is good: Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon compares himself to Dick Cheney and Satan
Nov 18 - RawStory

AG Lynch: DOJ Probing Whether Post-Election Attacks Are Federal Hate Crimes
Nov 18 - Talking Points Memo

Cummings Asks Pence For Docs On Flynn's Alleged Conflicts Of Interest
Nov 18 - Talking Points Memo

GOPers Went To Great Lengths To Keep CIA Director Nominee From Senate Run
Nov 18 - Talking Points Memo

Obama Suggests Meeting With Trump Wasn't All It Was Cracked Up To Be
Nov 18 - Talking Points Memo

Bigelow Calls on Trump to Sharply Increase NASA Spending
Nov 18 - Space.com

NAACP Condemns Trump's Choice Of Jeff Sessions For Attorney General
Nov 18 - Talking Points Memo

11 US states saw strong hiring last month, 5 lost jobs
Nov 18 - The Associated Press

Tarkanian files defamation lawsuit against Rosen over campaign ads
Nov 18 - Las Vegas Sun

How Nepotism Law Might Affect Jared Kushner and Trump's White House
Nov 18 - ABC

Trump's daughter sits in on landmark Japan PM talks

President-elect Donald Trump nearing settlement in Trump University fraud case
Nov 18 - New York Daily News

Flynn Reportedly Attended Intel Briefings While Paid By Foreign Interests
Nov 18 - The National Memo

Reports: Trump Selects Rep. Mike Pompeo To Head CIA
Nov 18 - Politico via TPM

Trump Refiles Suit Against D.C. Over Hotel Taxes
Nov 18 - Bloomberg BNA

Donald Trump offers Jeff Sessions attorney general post
Nov 18 - CBS News

Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton
Nov 18 - Detroit Free Press

Son puts valuable coins stolen from father through Coinstar to buy crack: Torrington police
Nov 18 - Fox 61

Automated Pro-Trump Bots Overwhelmed Pro-Clinton Messages, Researchers Say
Nov 18 - NYT

Michael Flynn's son and chief of staff pushed conspiracy theories, obscene memes online
Nov 18 - CNN

David Brock gathering donors to kick Donald Trump's ass
Nov 17 - Politico

The Lies Begin As Trump Takes Credit For Keeping Ford Plant In The US That Wasn't Leaving
Nov 17 - politicususa.com

Norways largest bank just pulled its assets from the North Dakota pipeline
Nov 17 - U.S. Uncut (Green Peace Press Release)

Tesla's bid to buy SolarCity is approved by shareholders, but challenges remain
Nov 17 - LA Times

Maine man charged after allegedly threatening to kill Obama, Pingree
Nov 17 - Bangor Daily News

Trump offers retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn national security advisor job
Nov 17 - LA Times

Let me know if you visit: Trump's casual invite to prime minister leaves civil servants aghast
Nov 17 - Raw Story

Right-Wing Extremists Storm Brazil Congress, Demanding Coup
Nov 17 - Telesur

Feds: Cincinnati Zoo Barrier Failed to Meet Standards in Harambe Incident
Nov 17 - NBC News

Arkansas High Court Bars Union From Protesting at Wal-Mart
Nov 17 - ABC News

Lincoln school officials apologize for asking students to remove American flags from their vehicles
Nov 17 - Omaha World Herald

McCrory campaign challenging votes in 52 NC counties
Nov 17 - ABC

Donald Trumps Children Wont Have White House Roles
Nov 17 - Wall Street Journal

Brendan Dassey of Making a Murderer has release blocked by appeals court
Nov 17 - The Guardian

After Trump meeting, Scott says 'I'm staying in Florida'
Nov 17 - Tampa Bay Times

Saudi's Falih urges OPEC to cut oil output to low end of target
Nov 17 - Reuters

Melania Trump's Bio Now Says She 'Paused Her Studies' at College
Nov 17 - NBC

Baltimore teacher fired after she is heard using racial slur
Nov 17 - Associated Press

Gingrich says he wont hold Cabinet post under Trump
Nov 17 - The Washington Post

Video shows Arizona cop punch woman, officer put on leave
Nov 17 - Associated Press

Facebook fake news creator claims he put Trump in White House
Nov 17 - CBS News

Argentina extradites Colombia neo-paramilitary warlord Mi Sangre to US
Nov 17 - Colombia Reports

Americans want Trump to focus on healthcare first
Nov 17 - Reuters

Police searching for congressman John Conyerss son
Nov 17 - washington post

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