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Michigan wins program to cut red tape for foreign firms locating here
Apr 8 - Detroit Free Press

Lawyer says Shrimp Boy a victim of entrapment and racism [Leland Yee case]
Apr 8 - San Francisco Chronicle

Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, dies at 61
Apr 8 - CBS News

Rand's Obamacare stats: 9.3 million new insureds, and counting
Apr 8 - LA TIMES

Court Keeps New Arizona Abortion Rules on Hold.
Apr 8 - nyt/ap

Flaw Found in Key Method for Protecting Data on the Internet.
Apr 8 - nyt

Jackie Speier calls for harassment training
Apr 8 - Politico

TN Senate votes for open gun carry without permit
Apr 8 - WRCBtv

Uruguay to give medicinal marijuana to prisoners
Apr 8 - Associated Press

Russia warns of civil war if Ukraine uses force to quell eastern revolts
Apr 8 - CNN

Protesters Storm Kharkiv Theater Thinking It Was City Hall
Apr 8 - Moscow Times

Pat Robertson Prays For Obama's Removal, Asks God To 'Deliver Us From This President'
Apr 8 - People for the American Way

Florida Republican Blames His Party's Woes on "Puerto Rican Influx"
Apr 8 - Gawker

Swedes to give six-hour workday a go
Apr 8 - thelocal.se

Eric Holder smacks down GOPer: “You don’t want to go there, buddy!”
Apr 8 - Salon

Kerry focuses blame for impasse in talks on Israel
Apr 8 - ToI

Navy: New ‘Star Wars’ Gun So Cheap, Fast, Powerful That Enemies Will Just Give Up
Apr 8 - The Raw Story

February job openings rise to 4.17 million
Apr 8 - MarketWatch

Russia Urges Companies to Delist From Abroad Amid Sanctions
Apr 8 - Bloomberg

Iran sends Syria 30,000 tons of food supplies
Apr 8 - AP

Ron Wyden rips former CIA director for suggesting 'deeply emotional feelings' tempered 'torture' rpt
Apr 8 - The Oregonian

Fourteen killed in bomb blast on Pakistani train
Apr 8 - Reuters

Putin and government to discuss Ukraine energy ties
Apr 8 - REuters

All clear at Navy hospital after active shooter call
Apr 8 - WAVY TV 10

Ming Dynasty 'chicken cup' sold for record $36M
Apr 8 - AP

Exclusive: Shady double-agent’s Obamacare sabotage: Top “supporter” quietly funded its opposition
Apr 8 - Salon

Dark matter hunt: LUX experiment reaches critical phase
Apr 8 - BBC News

Spain lawmakers set to reject Catalan independence bid
Apr 8 - Expatica

Solomon Islands - Death Toll Reaches 23
Apr 8 - Solomon Times

Windows XP users face end to Microsoft support
Apr 8 - BBC

EU court rules against requirement to keep data of telecom users
Apr 8 - Reuters

USAID chief to face questions on 'Cuban Twitter'
Apr 8 - Associated Press

La. Senate refuses to protect 'chicken boxing'
Apr 8 - Associated Press

Calif. bill would end SeaWorld killer whale shows
Apr 8 - Associated Press

G20 final document unlikely to address Ukraine crisis.
Apr 8 - Reuters

Ukraine accuses Russia of orchestrating separatist moves
Apr 8 - Reuters

GOP’s Alan Simpson backs gay marriage in ad
Apr 8 - Politico

Texas mulls adding Mexican-American studies course
Apr 8 - AP

Gunman opens fire in LAPD station, wounding one officer
Apr 8 - LA Times

White House Defends Its Own Gender Pay Gap
Apr 8 - TPM

Students arrested in videotaped fight with Santa Monica teacher
Apr 8 - LA Times

Connecticut wins NCAA title, 60-54 over Kentucky
Apr 8 - AP

72% of Americans Won't Wear Google Glass Because of Privacy Worries
Apr 7 - AD Week

Backers of bill to outlaw gay bias fall short in Nebraska Legislature
Apr 7 - Omaha World Herald

Venezuela's Maduro agrees to Unasur-brokered opposition talks
Apr 7 - BBC

4 in custody, Detroit beating probe widens into hate crime investigation.
Apr 7 - Detroit News

Jesse Jackson Jr. Tossed In Solitary After Advising Fellow Prisoners Of Rights
Apr 7 - Huffington Post

US Navy 'Game-Changer': Converting Seawater into Fuel
Apr 7 - Industry Week

U.S. government rolls back proposed Medicare Advantage cut
Apr 7 - Reuters

VW considering tossing election results and accepting UAW union, group says
Apr 7 - Times Free Press

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