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Cops warn of arrests at Church of Cannabis
Jun 26 - Indianapolis Star

Marco Rubio: I 'Disagree' With Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, But It's 'Law'
Jun 26 - TPM

Mississippi Attorney General: No Same-Sex Marriages Allowed Yet
Jun 26 - TPM

Graham On Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Opposing It Is 'Doomed To Fail'
Jun 26 - TPM

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine', Israel angered
Jun 26 - Reuters

Paul McCartney Delivers Show-Stopping Charleston Tribute In Columbia, South Carolina
Jun 26 - Huffington Post

Jindal: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Is 'All Out Assault' On Religious Liberty
Jun 26 - TPM

Powerful Moment- Men's chorus singing Impossible Dream outside SC
Jun 26 - watching MSNBC

Walker To Wisconsin: I Won't 'Coerce You To Act Against Your Religious Beliefs'
Jun 26 - TPM

Texas AG: 'No Court, No Law, No Rule' Will Change Definition Of Marriage
Jun 26 - TPM

Boehner: 'Disappointed' By Ruling, But 'All Human Beings Are Created Equal'
Jun 26 - TPM

Geraldo Rivera blows his stack when Dan Savage slams Fox: ‘Fxck you jerk off’
Jun 26 - Raw Story

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 'Is A Victory For America'
Jun 26 - TPM

O'Malley: Islamic State rise unintended result from war rush
Jun 26 - AP

After saying he wants to shoot cartoonist, LePage accused of threat to lawmakers
Jun 26 - Bangor News

Franklin County Court has already started issuing same-sex marriage licenses
Jun 26 - Twitter

SCOTUS Strikes Down Three Strikes Law and Increased Sentencing Law as Violation of Due Process
Jun 26 - Supreme Court of the United States of America

UPDATED: Marriage Equality Granted 5 to 4
Jun 26 - SCOTUS Blog

Islamic State kills at least 145 civilians in Syria's Kobani: monitor
Jun 26 - Reuters

GOP insiders expect no harm from Confederate flag controversy
Jun 26 - Politico

Self-driving cars nearly collide in California, raising questions about the technology
Jun 26 - Reuters, via the Washington Post

Somalia attack: Al-Shabab 'kills 30' at AU military base
Jun 26 - BBC

Donald Trump refuses to release birth certificate and passport records
Jun 26 - The Guardian

update: 27 tourists, many believed to be British, dead in terror attack in Tunisia hotel
Jun 26 - BBC

Kuwait Shia mosque 'hit by suicide blast'
Jun 26 - BBC

Nigerian Islamic Court Sentences 10 to Death for Blasphemy
Jun 26 - Bloomberg

Floatplane carrying sightseers crashes into remote Alaska cliff, killing nine
Jun 26 - Washington Post

France beheading attack: 'Man decapitated' near Lyon
Jun 26 - BBC

Vandals Target Confederate Monuments In Half-Dozen States
Jun 26 - Associated Press

Random House Moves Up Release of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Book on Race Relations
Jun 26 - WSJ

Buckwheat Zydeco says Jindal using his music at campaign event 'not cool'
Jun 26 - KATC

France mulls offering asylum to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden
Jun 26 - The Sydney Morning Herald

Mandatory vaccination bill for public schools passes California legislature
Jun 25 - The Guardian

USW, refinery strikes end with last site in Texas
Jun 25 - The Advertiser

State Dept. Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over
Jun 25 - New York Times

Police issue felony arrest warrant for Shepard Fairey
Jun 25 - Detroit Free Press

Agency posts thousands of complaints against banks, others
Jun 25 - AP-Excite

Foxconn CEO defends labor practices in wake of protest
Jun 25 - Computerworld

Oregon man arrested after parents found dead in freezer
Jun 25 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

NY prison guard helped escapees in exchange for snitching, art: documents
Jun 25 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Texas wants its gold back and promises to build it a safe home
Jun 25 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Los Angeles transportation agency to cut water use by 20 percent
Jun 25 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

New York City to focus on more neighborhood policing, mayor says
Jun 25 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

The troubled Chicago teachers' union could be headed for another strike
Jun 25 - Business Insider

Apple pulls Confederate flag-bearing Civil War games from App Store
Jun 25 - CNN

$500,000 Awarded After Doctors Mock Patient During Surgery
Jun 25 - patch.com

Obama, Putin Discuss Iran, Islamic State, Ukraine In Phone Call
Jun 25 - Reuters

Mother, baby rescued 4 days after Colombia plane crash
Jun 25 - AP

Court Strikes Down Law That Let NRA Sue Pa. Cities
Jun 25 - Philadelphia Inquirer

State Dept.: 15 emails missing from Clinton cache
Jun 25 - AP

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