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Kellogg evaluating whether to close plants; company employs at least 450 in Omaha
Dec 10 - Omaha World Herald

Dec 10 - AP

Congress relaxes whole grain standards for schools
Dec 10 - AP-Excite

Senate Report Rejects Claim on Hunt for Bin Laden
Dec 10 - NY Times

Florida Sheriff wants criminal probe white deputy who shot black suspect
Dec 10 - NBC News

Gorbachev calls for U.S.-Russia summit to defrost ties
Dec 10 - Reuters

Polish ex-president admits to secret CIA prison after U.S. torture report released
Dec 10 - AP/Reuters

Christmas sweater-wearing sheep who was found wandering is reunited with owner
Dec 10 - Omaha World Herald

Time magazine's 2014 Person of the Year: Ebola fighters
Dec 10 - NBC News

Report: US companies seek tax deals in Luxembourg
Dec 10 - Associated Press

Protesters plan 'Week of Outrage'
Dec 10 - CNN

Former Swiss banker collapses in WikiLeaks trial
Dec 10 - Reuters

Airlines expect leap in profits as oil price drops
Dec 10 - AP-Excite

Civilian oversight approved for Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
Dec 10 - Reuters

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka Passes Away
Dec 10 - WSIL-TV

Photographer Peter Lik Sells PHANTOM for World Record of $6.5 Million
Dec 10 - PR Newsire

Hundreds march in fourth day of protests in California
Dec 10 - AP-Excite

Justice Department Will Not Reopen Torture Inquiry
Dec 10 - USA TODAY

Abortion 'coercion' would carry criminal penalties under Michigan proposal
Dec 10 - MLIVE.com

Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America Turned Actress, Dies at 77
Dec 10 - Hollywood Reporter

Congresswoman: If Not For Obamacare Glitches, My Husband Might Still Be Alive
Dec 10 - Huffington Post

US sending Kerry, adding to focus on climate talks
Dec 9 - Associated Press

Neighbors detail baiting plot in teen's death
Dec 9 - Associated Press

Attack on environmentalist following criticisms of mayor
Dec 9 - Colombia Reports

Architects of CIA Torture Program Raked in $81 Million, Report Reveals
Dec 9 - Huffington Post

Venezuela president blasts 'insolent' sanctions vote by U.S. Senate
Dec 9 - Reuters

FBI Director: 'Not Willing To Say Never' About An Agent Impersonating Member Of News Media
Dec 9 - Associated Press

Kerry Urges Flexibility In U.S. War Powers Against Islamic State

Palestinian Authority Gains Observer Status At The International Criminal Court
Dec 9 - Telegraph UK

Lawmakers agree on $1.1 trillion spending bill
Dec 9 - AP-Excite

700 expected to protest MSU graduation speaker George Will
Dec 9 - Detroit Free Press

Walgreens Removes Hanukkah Wrapping Paper Covered with Swastikas
Dec 9 - Talking Points Memo

Global Fallout of Nuclear War Unavoidable: US Research Center
Dec 9 - Sputnik

Girl power: Friends shot with Malala share her joy
Dec 9 - Associated Press

Bank of America Sees $50 Oil as OPEC Dies
Dec 9 - The London Telegraph

US stocks are mostly spared from a global sell-off
Dec 9 - AP-Excite

Denmark Calls On All States to Ratify, Comply With Non-Proliferation Treaty
Dec 9 - Sputnik

Austria pledges to work for a ban on nuclear weapons
Dec 9 - ICAN

U.S. says reduced defence role for atom bombs, Britain against ban now
Dec 9 - Reuters

China Sends Official Posing As 'Academic' To Attend Vienna Nuclear Conference: Report
Dec 9 - International Business Times

#TargetNuclearWeapons: Red Cross Joins Vienna Conference On The Humanitarian Impact Of Nuclear Weapo
Dec 9 - International Business Times

Walker meeting with Sheldon Adelson in Vegas
Dec 9 - CHANNEL3000.com

Frantic mom wrecks on way to hospital after 4-year-old son shot during domestic dispute
Dec 9 - Raw Story

Income Inequality Significantly Damages Growth, OECD Says
Dec 9 - Bloomberg News

Third Ohio man wrongly accused of 1975 murder exonerated
Dec 9 - NBC News

Georgia Supreme Court Refuses to Delay Execution
Dec 9 - New York Times

Amnesty: Israeli Strikes On Gaza Buildings 'War Crimes'
Dec 9 - BBC

Company president in chemical spill facing charges
Dec 9 - AP-Excite

Swedish police raid The Pirate Bay, site offline
Dec 9 - Torrent Freak

Obama health adviser apologizes for 'glib' remarks
Dec 9 - AP-Excite

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