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Smoking costs the world economy $1 trillion per year, World Health Organization says
Jan 10 - Washington Post

Poll: Over half disapprove of Trump's work as president-elect
Jan 10 - The Hill

U2 delays album release after Trump win
Jan 10 - The Hill

Trump meets with vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr.
Jan 10 - USA Today

HarperCollins pulls Trump pick Monica Crowley's book amid plagiarism revelations
Jan 10 - CNN

Fox News Settled Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill OReilly, Documents Show
Jan 10 - New York Times

Sessions Says Law 'Absolutely' Prohibits Waterboarding
Jan 10 - New York Times

Statement On Sanders Irks Delegate
Jan 10 - West Virginia Gazette Mail

Jeff Sessions faces senators LIVE
Jan 10 - BBC

Protesters Dressed in KKK Robes Interrupt Opening Minutes of Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing
Jan 10 - Mother Jones

Indiana court: Public records requirements applied to Pence
Jan 10 - Associated Press

Senators To Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Impose New Sanctions On Russia
Jan 10 - Huffington Post

Trump National-Security Pick Monica Crowley Plagiarized PhD Dissertation Too
Jan 10 - New York

Counter-Sting Catches James OKeefe Network Attempting To Sow Chaos At Trumps Inauguration
Jan 10 - Huffington Post

Rep. Lewis to Join Sessions AG Confirmation Panel
Jan 10 - The Daily Beast

Car bombs kill 21 near Kabul's American University
Jan 10 - CNN

WV teacher faces scrutiny for controversial, racially-charged tweets
Jan 10 - WSAZ

Donald Trump Pressures Republicans to Repeal, Replace Health Law at Same Time
Jan 9 - WSJ

High court questions why refunds arent automatic when a Colo. conviction is overturned
Jan 9 - Washington Post

New Mexico rekindles efforts to reinstate death penalty
Jan 9 - Associated Press

California Republican challenges state's hiring of Eric Holder to fight Trump policies
Jan 9 - Reuters

Volkswagen Executives Trip to U.S. Allowed F.B.I. to Pounce
Jan 9 - New York Times

Business Backpage shutters U.S. escort ads after Senate report
Jan 9 - Mercury News

Ties between Best Buy's Geek Squad, FBI probed in child porn case
Jan 9 - MassLive

Jason Chaffetz vows to continue Clinton email investigation
Jan 9 - cnn.com

Trump could revisit Russia sanctions, top aide says
Jan 9 - Boston Globe

The Russian government just tweeted an image of a white supremacist frog
Jan 9 - Vox

Breakaway Senate Republicans Push to Delay Obamacare Repeal
Jan 9 - Bloomberg

Former Obama staffers launching anti-Trump site called 'Crooked Media'
Jan 9 - The Hill

Smog Police: New Beijing Force Created To Tackle Air Pollution
Jan 9 - NPR

Axelrod warns Democrats against obstructionism under Trump
Jan 9 - Chicago Tribune

Energy official warns Trump gutting agency that safeguards nukes: We're so very, very f*cked
Jan 9 - RawStory

University settles with student who wouldn't counsel gays
Jan 9 - KMBC

US sanctions five prominent Russians including Litvinenko suspects
Jan 9 - BBC

Jan 9 - Associated Press

Jan 9 - Associated Press

White House blasts Senate Republicans on Trump picks
Jan 9 - The Hill

Toyota to invest $10 billion in US over five years
Jan 9 - CBC

The Latest: Father of slain Muslim soldier protests nominee
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Ethics officials clear Trump EPA nominee
Jan 9 - Associated Press

Fiat Chrysler smacks down Trump's boasts: President-elect not involved in company's job creation
Jan 9 - RawStory

Jewish Centers in Several States Targeted With Bomb Threats

Supreme Court will not examine tech industry legal shield
Jan 9 - Reuters

Orlando police officer shot, killed; $60,000 reward offered for suspect
Jan 9 - Orlando Sentinel

Martin McGuinness resigns as deputy first minister of Northern Ireland
Jan 9 - The Guardian

Trump's Health Secretary Nom Sought Special Treatment for Industry Donors
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo/Kaiser Health News

Dems Miffed That Black Lawmakers Have To Testify Last At Sessions Hearing
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Schumer To Hold Senate Floor 'Late Into The Night' To Protest ACA Repeal
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Kerry Apologizes For Past LGBT Discrimination At State Department
Jan 9 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Just Dismissed the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal
Jan 9 - Gizmodo

New York
Former Senate leader John Sampson draws five-year sentence
By TexasTowelie - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Who is going to the Portland Oregon womens march?
By Doreen - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Do You Remember The Night Before Katrina Hit NOLA?
By KittyWampus - 23 hrs ago

New York
Assembly stands by desire to expand millionaires tax
By TexasTowelie - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Free Trump inaugural ticket advertised right here on DU, can't wait
By doc03 - 23 hrs ago

2016 Postmortem
It won't make the problems go away
By zipplewrath - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Prepare to debunk. I have a feeling this image will be used as 'Trump's historic inauguration'
By Drunken Irishman - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Inauguration of Comrade Trump this Friday, I shall drink White Russians.
By sarcasmo - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Donald Trump poll numbers lower than Bush post Katrina. (NBC). Trump
By applegrove - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Is anyone noticing any information coming from the Democratic Socialists of America?
By kentuck - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Any guesses when Drumpt gives his next "Press Conference?"
By kairos12 - 23 hrs ago

Editorials & Other Articles
No One Loves the 45th President Like Donald Trump
By Denzil_DC - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
sit back and listen to this. it will make you feel better.
By mopinko - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Apparently, for the next 4 years anything trump doesn't agree with will be deemed "fake"
By liberal N proud - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
"Trickle Down" according to Stephen Colbert
By Dark n Stormy Knight - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
CBS News - Angela Merkel replaces Hillary Clinton as prime target of fake news
By TomCADem - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Friday I will
By uppityperson - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Oh my God... they fed SKITTLES to cows.
By Ellipsis - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Um, what?
By BlueStater - 23 hrs ago

2016 Postmortem
This is what I will always believe.....photo
By Iamaartist - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
No Trump Photo on DC Metro Card for Inauguration Day...
By HipChick - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
I'm starting to feel some pre-inaugural nausea.
By milestogo - 23 hrs ago

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