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Channel Tunnel traffic halted after smoke detected
Jan 17 - Reuters

President Obama to speak at Boise State
Jan 17 - KTVB

Weekly Address: State of the Union Is This Tuesday
Jan 17 - White House

Caregiver Wage, Overtime Protections Struck Down
Jan 17 - By MICHELLE DIAMENT, Disability Scoop

President Obama to visit KU next week, White House says
Jan 17 - Topeka Capital-Journal

CBS analyst Greg Anthony arrested, faces solicitation charge
Jan 17 - AP

Lesbian Shot in Broad Daylight in North Philly
Jan 17 - Philadelphia Magazine

European authorities arrest dozens in anti-terror raids
Jan 16 - France 24

Sen. Ben Sasse calls for ed board member to resign over Obama 'half-breed' blog posts
Jan 16 - Omaha World Herald

In Graphic Photos and On Twitter,ISIS Members Record and Tout Executions of Gay Men (NO PHOTO IN OP)
Jan 16 - TDB

Dems Rally Around Muslim Congressman
Jan 16 - TDB/NPR

Study Finds Flu Vaccine is 23 Percent Effective
Jan 16 - WDET

Anthropocene era: Humans changed the Earth's geology by setting off atomic bombs in 1945
Jan 16 - International Business Times

BP Deepwater Horizon fine capped at $13.8bn
Jan 16 - The Guardian

Boy Scouts' membership falls 7.4 percent
Jan 16 - Dallas Morning News

CNN's Jim Clancy Resigns After Twitter Rant About Israeli Propaganda
Jan 16 - Gawker

U-Va. rape survivor, author now doubts Rolling Stone account
Jan 16 - Washington Post

Idaho student receives official regrets and compensation for post-9/11 arrest
Jan 16 - Associated Press

Homeland Security chief: Visa waivers fears to be addressed
Jan 16 - AP

ICC launches probe into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories.
Jan 16 - Al Jazeera America

Judge: Arpaio will face contempt hearing in April
Jan 16 - Arizona Republic

Gun Company Calls For Boycott of Liam Neeson After Anti-Gun Comments
Jan 16 - The Raw Story

Young Peruvians clash with police over cuts in labor rights
Jan 16 - Associated Press

Obama Administration Will Ask SCOTUS To Rule For Marriage Equality
Jan 16 - TPM

Police: Teen sweethearts blaze trail of crime across South
Jan 16 - Associated Press

Sam Brownback reverses course, proposes new taxes.
Jan 16 - politico

Newtown school panel to include proposed gun ban in report
Jan 16 - Associated Press

Obama: There's A Less Than 50/50 Chance Of Nuclear Deal With Iran
Jan 16 - NPR

ICC Opens Investigation Into Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Jan 16 - REUTERS

States Consider Requiring US Citizenship Test for Graduation
Jan 16 - abc NEWS

Cargill takes the lead in urging end to Cuba trade restrictions
Jan 16 - Star Tribune

Dems head to Cuba to explore 'greater cooperation'
Jan 16 - The Blaze

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Surges to 11-Year High
Jan 16 - Bloomberg

BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Decide Same-Sex Marriage Constitutionality This Term
Jan 16 - CNN / Associated Press / SCOTUSBlog

U.S. attorney general bans asset seizure by local police
Jan 16 - Reuters

Nigeria's Boko Haram Imprisons Hundreds of Women and Children in Baga
Jan 16 - NBC News

Obama Warns Congress Of Veto On Iran Sanctions
Jan 16 - UPI

RNC rolls out 2016 debate schedule
Jan 16 - Politico

Charlie Hebdo: 'Four dead' in Niger protest
Jan 16 - BBC

Mitt Romney Has a Huge New Conflict-of-Interest Problem
Jan 16 - Mother Jones.com

Net Neutrality Draft Circulated
Jan 16 - Multichannel News

Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama
Jan 16 - Agence France Presse

Walker Leaves Little Doubt He'll Run for President
Jan 16 - nationaljournal.com

N.Y. Post says Twitter feed 'has been hacked' following erratic Tweets
Jan 16 - Reuters

Obamacare's lead agency chief announces resignation
Jan 16 - Reuters

Ed board member resists pressure to resign over Obama 'half breed' remarks on blog
Jan 16 - Omaha World Herald

Prosecutors: Woman Pleads Guilty in 2 Kids' Exorcism Deaths
Jan 16 - Associated Press

Justice Department Kept Secret Telephone Database
Jan 16 - Wall Street Journal

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty
Jan 16 - Washington Post

St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese files for bankruptcy
Jan 16 - Associated Press

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