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Current location: Snohomish County, WA
Member since: Wed May 18, 2011, 02:12 AM
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Retired corporate paralegal.

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In my hometown, after delivery of dairy products stopped

a "Milk Barn" was opened. It was a drive-through dairy store. I was a teenager with a new driver's license. My mother asked me to go to the Milk Barn, gave me the money, but forgot to tell me to separate the two glass bottles of milk -- one gallon each. I put them on the floor of her new 1964 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, right next to each other. As you can well imagine, at the first bump, the glass bottles knocked into each other and the back was flooded with milk. It took quite a while to clean up that mess. And the smell lingered for a few weeks, too. She had to explain the odor to her clients every time she took them out to view real estate properties -- she was an agent.

And now, we don't even have the Milk Barn. I found glass bottles at the local grocery store -- and from a local dairy farm. I bought some whipping cream last Thanksgiving. I used the bottle for flowers for a couple of months afterwards -- it looked kinda cute. I stopped drinking milk years ago but I'll get the glass bottles next time I need cream, just as a rememberance of things past.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Mon Jun 22, 2015, 09:04 PM (0 replies)

The WORST doctor I've ever run across

was when my then-husband was in the Air Force; we were stationed in Germany (1966). I was being treated for a bladder infection and instead of getting better, I got worse, much, much worse. I was also about 6 weeks pregnant. I went to the base hospital where I had to sit in a hard wooden chair for several hours before being seen by the quack. While listing my symptoms, he was poo-pooing me, making little of how sick I was reporting. I then told him that I was vomiting blood. He said oh, I doubt that. He said that military wives tend to be a bit hysterical. So I bent over and vomited on his floor, pointed to it and said see, blood. He finally decided to admit me to the hospital and the first time they took my temperature is was 105.8 -- the nurses were visibly upset. And, of course, I lost the baby. And, of course, there was no recourse against the doctor -- military, don't ya know.

FYI: I later had a lovely baby girl in an American hospital with my mother's ob/gyn as my doctor. Lovely baby girl is now 47 years old. I've never forgotten the deplorable medical care I got at the base hospital in Germany.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Mon Jun 22, 2015, 08:43 PM (1 replies)

Greed, once again, greed

Can't let a little thing like food safety stand in the way of corporate profits, now, can we?

Not only Canada and Mexico, but just imagine the glee of China -- they can befoul their food products with impunity and ship them off to poison us -- and we can do nothing to protect ourselves from this.

At first I thought that it would only apply to imported meat and meat products, leaving US suppliers to put "made in USA" on their products, but thinking it over, I'm sure that it would also be considered a restraint of trade, keeping multi-national corporations away from our food dollars.

So, figuring that the only recourse would be to ask at the point-of-purchase where it came from. But, again, greed being the governing concept, in order to not lose a sale, they would lie and say it was from the US.

Fortunately, meat is something that is relatively easy to eliminate from one's diet. But if this ruling also applies to ANY food products, we're all royally fucked. Say hello to gypsum-laced baby formula from China, contaminated fish from Thailand and Mexico, who-knows-what fillers in pet foods any anything else that is available at the market. Tomatoes in winter from Chili? Ha, you won't know the answer to that! Maybe its tomatoes grown in sewer water in India.

I'm generally behind Pres. Obama, but on trade deals, I can only begin to imagine the size of the threat pointed at him that would induce him to support legislation that would be so disasterous not only to our economy, but to our health and welfare.

As long as out elected representatives (both House and Senate) are not allowed to read the TPP bill, and the few who are can't take notes, the very secretiveness of the legislative intent is subject to doubt. If nothing else, MAKE THE TPP PUBLIC SO WE CAN READ IT AND ADVISE OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Thu Jun 11, 2015, 01:20 AM (2 replies)

I think some are just innept

I had been married to my first husband for 3 months when his mother died. Funeral was standard stuff -- prayers, music, a few testimonials. But it was afterwards, at her home, when all the relatives were eating food brought over by friends, sharing memories of her, some gentle laughter at some memory or another, the minister arrived. Rather than taking an inward reading of the room, the stage of grief, the general atmosphere, he started in with the doom and gloom and had people in tears again within 15 minutes of arriving. He could have shared memories of her, shown some appreciation of the memories of others, but no, he had to go into his schtick (don't remember details -- it was 1976). When the sobs got too loud, he left. He was less than useless.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Wed May 6, 2015, 02:00 AM (1 replies)

It went the same way as the ZPG movement

ZPG = Zero Population Growth.

"In the late 1960s ZPG became a prominent political movement in the U.S. and parts of Europe, with strong links to environmentalism and feminism... Founding fathers of the movement were Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, and Thomas Eisner. Ehrlich stated: “The mother of the year should be a sterilized woman with two adopted children.” (Wikipedia)

I did my bit -- I have only one child. And my only child has only one child.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Wed Apr 22, 2015, 10:51 PM (0 replies)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Very good on environmental and alternate energy issues. February 2014 suspended the death penalty for the duration of his term in office. "His campaign (for governor) focused on job creation, outlining dozens of proposals to increase job growth in clean energy, the aerospace industry and biotechnology. He also supported a ballot measure that would legalize gay marriage, which passed, and opposed tax increases." (Wikipedia)

He was my district's Representative before becoming governor. I went to a number of his town hall meetings and I was always impressed with his logic and his policy positions. I always thought he should seek higher office.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Mon Apr 20, 2015, 11:01 PM (0 replies)


In the OP: "In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn't do something evil."

In believe this to be the case. Every person who occupied homes or apartments, or farmed land, or operated businesses, received watches, jewelry, furs, other personal items taken from the Jews, all were participants in the Holocaust. There were rewards for NOT opposing the extermination of Jews. And for most, not opposing the Nazis was also self-preservation.

So, the quote was right -- people convinced themselves that they did nothing wrong. I see no need to apologize for the comment.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Sun Apr 19, 2015, 10:27 PM (0 replies)

The "let them die" policy pre-dates the ACA

In March, 1984, Governor Lamm of Colorado said " People who die without having life artificially extended are similar to ''leaves falling off a tree and forming humus for the other plants to grow up,'' the Governor told a meeting of the Colorado Health Lawyers Association at St. Joseph's Hospital... ''You've got a duty to die and get out of the way,'' said the 48-year-old Governor. ''Let the other society, our kids, build a reasonable life.'' (NY Times 3/28/84)

It's only left to define "artificially extended". Does that mean heroic measures like heart/lung machines, or can it mean medicines to treat otherwise fatal diseases? In the current opposition to ACA, I believe it means ANY medical assistance.

This is what happens when individuals are considered liabilities instead of assets or even humans worthy of life. Republicans are so skewed to think of everything (objects, services, people) in terms of profits and losses, it's easy to see how they come up with ideas to cut people off life-affirming or life-saving policies if it isn't turning a buck for THEM. I am utterly revolted by Republicans and their lack of humanity.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Sat Apr 18, 2015, 03:10 AM (0 replies)

Always watch the end-game

With these people (religious right-wing nut jobs), one always must look at the long game being played. This move isn't simply a public gesture of respect for a religious work, it is in fact, the first step in promoting the bible to be taught in public schools, a long-held mission of the religious freaks.

And I agree with a previous post -- exactly WHICH version of the bible are they attempting to shove down everyone's throats? There are dozens. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_Bible_translations for a list of just the ones in English.

Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Fri Apr 17, 2015, 02:15 AM (0 replies)

Just my opinion, but I think we need to see this

manufactured "scandal" for what it's really worth. All polls show that if HRC was the candidate, she would win the presidency against ANY Republican candidate. So, the plan seems to be to keep her from being nominated as the candidate which would serve to increase the odds for a Republican president.

The bottom line, like it or not, is that she did nothing illegal or even immoral. This is all about campaigning AGAINST her before she even becomes the nominee.
Posted by HeiressofBickworth | Sat Mar 28, 2015, 11:59 PM (1 replies)
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