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Wait Wut

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Member since: Sat Jan 22, 2011, 09:51 AM
Number of posts: 8,275

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I'm not sure how to do this.

I'm having a really bad week and today just got worse. I could use a positive thought or sumthin'. I'm not one of those people that asks for whatever it is I'm asking for, so it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I'm pretty damned sad, though, and have no one to talk to that wouldn't spill it to everyone else (small towns...yuck).

Pics of pygmy goats will help, too. Jokes, whatever.

Edit: This place is awesome. Thank you.

I was going to start an appreciation thread...

...but, apparently, many DUers have that word trashed. I was afraid you might be one of them.

Instead, I want to (again) thank you, EarlG and Elad. With your Ninjaspeak skills, EarlG's wit and useful insanity, and Elad's willingness to have DU permanently connected to his brain, the three of you are the Perfect Storm of DU and Discussionist.

Thanks for not letting me get bored at work.

About Malaysia

While we're all trying to find out which country/side is to blame in the destruction of the Malaysian flight, I noticed that not many were talking about Malaysia. I admit, I know little...almost nothing...about Malaysia, except what I've learned from playing Civilization IV. I still know little, next to nothing, even after doing a tiny bit of research.

There are only a handful of pics of the mourners in Malaysia, but that handful of pics made my heart break for a country and it's people.

This is the second tragedy for this not so little country. An unwarranted, terrible tragedy. So, let's think about them for a minute and forget that there are selfish and arrogant people in this world that just made Malaysia an unintended target for their agenda.

(Please excuse the links to Wiki and Tourism. Doing a search for Malaysia brings up pages of news and little else. I'm hoping our DU geniuses will fill in some holes.)



Didja ever...

...start to post a comment in GD that you thought was funny and then stop yourself because NO FUNNY!!!1!1 and you knew you'd get slaughtered?

Yeah. Sometimes I (almost) forget. Now I'm sad.

On a possibly related or not note...what is really 'off-topic stuff'? Isn't everything, once posted, on-topic stuff? So, are we actually all breaking the forum purpose rules? Are we really just rebels? Do we need a battle cry?

Can you tell I'm bored and watching the damned clock?

Happy birthday, MFM!

The husband and I will be headed out to Tucson in about 2 hours to celebrate your birthday with a girly drink! I still wish I hadn't waited this long. You should be pretty proud of yourself for making me confront my social anxiety.

Miss you.

Where is Grantcart?

Last post January.

I'm suing Ron White.

For the second time in less than 3 weeks I've said 'coupin' instead of coupon. In public. Or, pub...lic. It's embarrassing and has tarnished my image. I've been brainwashed.

Are we turning into another GD??1!!1

The battle between cat lovers and dog lovers is getting out of hand.

Dog people should just give up and accept the fact that cats rule, dogs drool and prevent a GDesque war.

I wanted to post my favorite...

...but I couldn't pick just one. I think I've melted...and now want a tiger.


Happy Nerd Awareness Month!!

Who is your favorite nerd? I'll start:


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