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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: MO
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2006, 03:12 AM
Number of posts: 17,430

Journal Archives

Photographer Captures Bizarre, Intimate Scenes of Chinese Factory Life

Fascinating story, with photos by Zhen Youbing, a former factory worker himself.


President Obama is holding a town hall tomorrow night on MSNBC at 8 pm.


It's at Florida International University in Miami.

Watching "Museum Secrets" on Smithsonian Channel.

The Aztecs had a seriously nasty weapon that was sort of a cross between a club and a sword. It had a wood handle with obsidian blades glued into it -- blades so sharp some surgeons today actually prefer them to surgical steel. The blades would often imbed themselves into the enemy's flesh and stay there -- ouch!

Which DVD shall it be tonight:

"Animal House" or "Airplane!"?

PSA if you have Smithsonian Channel:

"The Legend of Leadbelly" is on at 8 pm est.

"It's a racket."

-- Al Capone, cautioning people to avoid investing in the stock market (1927, I believe). I guess Al knew a racket when he saw one.

The Pillars of American Society Are Proving How Incompetent They Are -- And They Don't Care

I think the title pretty much says it all. This article is dated 10/03/2014, so the references are to events that happened months ago; but the point still stands.


Tonight's fortune cookie:

"You are capable, competent, creative, and careful. Prove it."

Very cute google doodle today.


If you have Smithsonian Channel, turn it on.

Fascinating doc about independent, landowning black farmers in Mississippi and how they led the civil rights movement. Narrated by Danny Glover.
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