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"The food here is awful."-"Yes, and the portions are so small."

"Republicans are now criticizing the ACA on the grounds that it hasn’t provided insurance to enough of America’s uninsured."

That's like the two old ladies at the restaurant:

First old lady, "The food here is awful."

Second old lady, "Yes, and the portions are so small."


Toothy Grins


Congratulations Chelsea Elizabeth Manning

How Chelsea Manning sees herself. Portrait by Alicia Neal, commissioned by the Chelsea Manning Support Network. Bigger pic at: http://www.chelseamanning.org/featured/chelsea-mannings-statement-on-her-legal-name-change

Today is an exciting day. A judge in the state of Kansas has officially ordered my name to be changed from “Bradley Edward Manning” to “Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.” I’ve been working for months for this change, and waiting for years.

It’s worth noting that in both mail and in-person, I’ve often been asked, “Why are you changing your name?” The answer couldn’t be simpler: because it’s a far better, richer, and more honest reflection of who I am and always have been –a woman named Chelsea.

But there is another question I’ve been asked nearly as much, “why are you making this request of the Leavenworth district court?” This is a more complicated question, but the short answer is simple: because I have to.


I’m optimistic that things can –and certainly will –change for the better. There are so many people in America today that are willing and open to discuss trans-related issues. Hopefully today’s name change, while so meaningful to me personally, can also raise awareness of the fact that we trans* people exist everywhere in America today, and that we have must jump through hurdles every day just for being who we are. If I’m successful in obtaining access to trans healthcare, it will not only be something I have wanted for a long time myself, but it will also open the door for many people, both inside and outside the military, to request the right to live more open, fulfilled lives



OBAMA Admin: "The Pipeline Would In Fact Be Rejected - Only Question NOW Is Timing Of Announcement"

Obama's Last Shot
The president came into office promising to make fighting climate change a priority. Now, he finally seems to be getting serious about it

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/obamas-last-shot-20140423#ixzz2zkbMKb35
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…Although no final decision has been made, two high-level sources in the Obama administration told me recently that the president has all but decided to deny the permit for the pipeline – a dramatic move that would light up Democratic voters and donors while further provoking the wrath of Big Oil. Finally, Obama is positioning the U.S. to play a key role in negotiations on a new global-climate treaty that will begin next year, establishing American leadership on climate issues and giving him one last chance to lead the world to a cooler future before he leaves the Oval Office


Exactly how the president has weighed the decision on Keystone is a closely guarded secret in the White House, known only to a few senior advisors like Valerie Jarrett and Dan Pfeiffer. But it's no surprise that I was told recently by members of the administration that the pipeline would, in fact, be rejected. "If the president is really serious about his legacy on climate change, he can't have that and approve Keystone," an Obama insider told me. "The only question now is the timing of the announcement."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/obamas-last-shot-20140423?page=2

Bad News For GOP In KY: Frequent ER Users Being Directed To Proper Med Facilities-Saving State $$$

More bad news for the GOP propaganda machine: not only have a lot of folks signed up for Obamacare. Now they are directing frequent ER users to the proper medical facilities and saving the state money....

Kentucky uses health network to divert 'frequent fliers' from ERs
By Dibya Sarkar
Apr 22, 2014

Like many states, Kentucky has been grappling with a disproportionate level of spending used to provide care to a tiny group of patients — the 1 percent or so who overuse hospital emergency rooms. Last year, state officials decided to do something about it.

Under a directive from Gov. Steve Beshear, the state launched an initiative with its Medicaid program to provide coordinated care for these “super-utilizer” patients -- also known as “frequent fliers--with the help of its secure electronic network.

Super-utilizers have long been a concern in Kentucky and elsewhere, but officials said they haven’t been able to effectively address their complex physical, behavioral and social needs so far. Dr. John Langefeld, chief medical officer for the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services, said technology from data analytics to geomapping to communication is now helping officials connect super-utilizers with the right care.

“And we do think that’s what will create the difference moving forward from what we historically have experienced in a much more fragmented system,” he said.


Professor: Republicans are ‘Racist, Misogynist, Money-Grubbing’ If GOP Wins Universities Will Close


BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff
April 22, 2014 11:03 am

Brent Terry, a professor at Eastern Connecticut State University was caught on audio telling his Introduction to Creative Writing class that Republicans will close colleges if they prevail in 2014 and that they are “racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people” who want to suppress the liberal vote.

Campus Reform reports:

In a four-minute recording of a classroom lecture obtained by Campus Reform, Professor Brent Terry is heard strongly suggesting that conservatives are greedy racists who want to suppress the vote of anyone who might vote liberal:

“…racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people have so much power over the rest of us. And want things to go back—not to 1955, but to 1855,” Terry said to his Introduction to Creative Writing class Monday morning.

“There are a lot of people out there that do not want black people to vote, do not want Latinos to vote. Do not want old people to vote, or young people to vote. Because generally, people like you are liberal.”

The audio, captured by a current student who wishes to remain anonymous, also claims that if Republicans win the senate in 2014, colleges will start “closing up.”

“It’s absolutely possible that the Republicans will take over the Senate as well as the House. And we will live in a very, very, very different kind of country if that happens. I mean, colleges will start closing up if they, if these people have their way.”

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Ginni Thomas's Favorite Conservative Non-Profit's Tax-Exempt Status Revoked

Conservative Non-Profit's Tax-Exempt Status Revoked
The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty was notified in December that their tax-exempt status was revoked for engaging in prohibited activity.
By karoli April 22, 2014 5:30 am

When Ginni Thomas folded up her Liberty Central tent to become a lobbyist and link baiter for Tucker Carlson, she handed the reins over to Gary Aldrich at the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty.


USAToday reports that the IRS revoked their tax-exempt status late last year. the revocation letter is here. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-wd/1416011.pdf The IRS ruling states that says "the organization has shown a pattern of deliberate and consistent intervention in political campaigns in violation of section 501(c)(3)..."


Ginni Thomas handed Liberty Central over to the Patrick Henry Center after the 2010 midterms, saying she felt it would be best to form an alliance with Aldrich. She promised to remain engaged with the Patrick Henry Center while bouncing off to start her for-profit lobbying firm.

And engaged she stayed. In addition to Thomas' involvement, former disgraced attorney general Edwin Meese III is the Chairman of the Board. The advisory board for the Patrick Henry Center reads like a Who's Who of Reagan-era conservatives who now run the conservative wing of the Republican party. They're also all part of the Fox News Commentator Cabal. Here's the hit parade:

Mark Levin - Conservative radio host who called President Obama a serial liar on his radio show. Just before the 2012 elections, Levin called for listeners "with friends who hate Obama" to call those friends and get them out to vote.

Ron Robinson - Head of the Young America's Foundation (The Reagan youth effort) and former director of Citizens United.

Lt. Col. Oliver L. North - I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone about who he is. But if there's doubt, it was Ollie North who was flogging Benghaaaaazzzzi just before the election.


The average U.S. CEO is paid 331 times as much as their average employee.

way more:

Role Reversal

“Not a Single Republican Has Mentioned Earth Day in Congress Since 2010.”

* Headline from National Journal says it all: “Not a Single Republican Has Mentioned Earth Day in Congress Since 2010.”

For years, mentions of Earth Day have sprung up each April from members of both parties. In April 2010, Democrats spoke of Earth Day over 150 times, mostly in commemoration of its 40th anniversary. But no Republican has uttered the words "Earth Day" on the House or Senate floor since 2010.

The last to do so was Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, in support of expanding nuclear-power generation. "Forty years ago, at the time of the first Earth Day, Americans became deeply worried about air and water pollution and a population explosion that threatened to overrun the planet's resources," reads Alexander's speech. "Nuclear power was seen as a savior to these environmental dilemmas." Eight months later, the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in densely populated, nuclear-dependent Japan would set off a new wave of environmental dilemmas.

More (great graphic):
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